World's smallest body builder dies

September 14, 2012 @ 7:10 pm
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RIP to the little big guy.

The world's smallest bodybuilder died this morning aged just 23.
The family of Aditya ‘Romeo’ Dev, who was 2ft 9ins tall and weighed just 10kg, said he had been 'absolutely fine' before he collapsed last night. He was rushed to Satyam Hospital in Punjab, India, where doctors fought to save him. Sadly he died at 4am this morning.

Mr Dev was diagnosed with a brain aneurism in 2008. U.S. doctors also diagnosed Moyamoya syndrome, a disease where certain arteries in the brain are constricted causing blood clots. Doctors had warned Mr Dev that his aneurism could burst without warning at any time, leading to a fatal stroke.

Today Mr Dev's father Anil Dev Sharma, 53, and his mother Rakesh Bala, 49, spoke of their devastation at their son's death.

Mr Sharma said: 'He was absolutely fine until last night when he suddenly fell unconscious. We rushed him to the hospital and he fell into a coma, he was unconscious all night. Doctors said the nerve supplying blood to his brain had ruptured, causing his death.

'It's a huge loss for our family, we will be grieving his death for the rest of our life. We were told by doctors many years ago that he may die at an early age. All these years we prayed for his long life.'

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Source & Image: Daily Mail


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