Deleted Captain America scene from The Avengers

August 29, 2012 @ 8:09 pm
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Pretty cool scene of Captain America that was unfortunately cut from 'The Avengers'.

“War in Europe” reads a newspaper headline as we cut to stock footage of Nazis in World War II with newsreel voiceover. “America heeds the call to fight for freedom! And at the front of the fight, shoulder to shoulder with our battling boys is Captain America!” Cut to some newsreel footage of Cap in his old costume walking through European War zones. The newsreel describes Cap as a product of science, a name every Nazi fears. They say the new weapons are no match for Cap and we see some black and white news reel footage of Cap fighting one of the Hydra soldiers with a Tesseract gun.

“He’s the man who knocks the Axis on their backs-is.” says the newsreel as we see Steve Rogers is watching it on a laptop present day. He shuts off the video and looks sad in the laptop refletion. We reveal Steve Rogers’ apartment as he leafs through the files of his teammates from ‘Captain America: The First Avenger,’ all of them stamped “Deceased.” BUT WAIT! Carter, Margaret “Peggy” – this file is unstamped. Close up so we can see Haley Atwell’s face and see she’s listed as “RETIRED” and “INACTIVE.” Cap looks sad, then we pan down to Peggy Carter’s current address in Winchester, UK and a telephone number.

Steve Rogers looks at the phone: a wireless one in it’s cradle and decides against it. He puts Peggy’s file aside and picks up the next one: Howard Stark – DECEASED. He places that to the side and the next file is modern-styled and has Robert Downey Jr’s face on it: Tony Stark, Iron Man. Steve looks thoughtful and we cut to:

Exterior New York Street – Steve Rogers in street clothes walks by a cell phone stand, past and ad for a new Acura, we cut to Steve Rogers writing something in outdoor seating area of a coffee shop (BONUS – THERE’S THE BACK OF STAN LEE’S HEAD!) as he’s looking at the Metlife building…which I’m assuming didn’t get turned into Stark Tower before this was cut from the film. Reveal the Rogers is QUITE the sketch artist as he doodles Stark Tower.

Waitress (Ashley Johnson, the same one cap saves later and the one talking about him at the end of the film) approaches and asks Steve if he’s “waiting for the big guy.” Steve asks: “M’am?” Waitress: “Iron Man. A lot of people eat here just to see him fly by.” She’s all flirty, he says: “Maybe another time.” She tells him the table is his however long he likes and mentions they have free wireless. Steve, confused, asks: “Radio?” We get a moment where Ashley Johnson turns around and looks at Cap in that disbelieving-slash-attracted-to-this-guy way and STAN LEE CAMEO #1, the man turns around and says: “Ask for her number you moron!”

Cut to Steve on the subway looking sad that everyone he ever knew is dead, then we cut to Steve paying a guy at an old boxing gym to use the space…and we join the Cap-Meets-Nick-Fury scene that made it into the film. - MARVEL


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