Stay classy, Detroit man don't take no orders from women

June 14, 2012 @ 8:25 pm
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#"I don't take no orders from women"

A man that lives in the suburbs of Detroit is receiving attention for his classy views towards women.

WXYZ, the ABC affiliate in Detroit recently ran a story on a man accused of dumping tree parts on Kalsh Street on Detroit's East Side. When they went to interview the man, the slightly sober man gave some politicaly incorrect answers.

Some gems from the interview: "I don't take no orders from women", "I'm Mr. Cleanup. I'm not Mr. Clean, I'm Mr. Clean....UP", "It must've been a woman and I don't listen to women yelling, I tell em to shut up", "Old Guys, disabled guys, black guys, white guys, Polish guys, Ukranian guys... and guys from Mars also".

Later in the week, he was in custody after a court hearing for an indecent exposure incident.


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